When a friend passes... by Gary Rose

One of the hardest things in life is the loss of a loved one. It is like a part of your life is just gone. Suddenly, you are no longer whole; there is an empty place in your heart.

Yesterday, two of my daughters posted on Facebook that their dogs had died (on the same day, no less).

Darlene’s dog, Kashmir, (a German Shepherd) was a loving dog who had been sick for a long time. What I remember most about her was that she would only go through doors-ways backwards. Who says dogs don’t have personalities? Anyway, she was a great pet and will be greatly missed.

Rebecca’s dog, Sandy, was also a wonderful dog. Like Kashmir, she had been sick for some time. I will remember her most for her longing for affection- how she always wanted a tummy or back rub whenever I came into the house. When she I am sorry to see her pass !

Yesterday, part of my Bible reading was Romans chapter 12 and somehow it just seemed to tie into this situation….

Romans 12 (World English Bible)
15 Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. (emphasis added)

God blessed both girl’s families with wonderful pets and both dogs will be greatly missed !

Please be kind enough to pray for both families; today will be a hard day !

Thanks a lot !