The Father Who Won't Let Us Go by Jim McGuiggan


The Father Who Won't Let Us Go

Almighty Father, those presence fillest all things; we thank Thee that Thou canst by no means be excluded from the work of Thy hands. We thank Thee that Thou has made us realize Thyself, and that Thy purposes are beyond defeat. We have shut ourselves in, girded the mind with strong arguments, repeated our unbelief like a creed, but we have never escaped Thee.
We have striven to walk alone in pride, sufficiency and ostenstation, and then some thought of Thee has shattered all our wilfulness and we have gone softly ever afterward, and prayed: God be merciful to me a sinner.
We have plunged into sin, we have turned from the bright ideals which plagued us, we have stabbed our own complaining souls, drugged our conscience, poisoned our minds, set up idols, made our hearts like hell and lo, Thou art there.
We yield to Thee, O God, for Thou art stronger than we. We cannot escape Thee without forsaking our reason, our hope and our joy. We cannot do without Thee, unless we surrender all that comforts and all that inspires. Forgive us our folly, pardon our wandering, make room for us within Thy gracious love.