My Composite Notes by Gary Rose

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Page 2 (reverse side of page 1)
A few months back, I was introduced to  The Cornell Note taking system and was impressed with it.  I spent some time  using their form, but recently I thought I would combine it with the Composite Bible format of color usage. Also, I thought a vertical arrangement might make more sense to me, so I made a new form (above). As time permits I will place a PDF file  for download on the blog for anyone who would like to use it.

Why do this?

Well, the Bible says...

2 Timothy, 2:15 (World   English   Bible)
 15  Give diligence to present yourself approved by God, a workman who doesn’t need to be ashamed, properly handling the Word of Truth. 

I think that this method of taking notes in church will improve my comprehension of the Bible Study Class and The Sermon.

Until I  add the file to my blog, feel free to copy the above graphics or e-mail me requesting the PDF file.

May God bless you in your desire to learn and apply the Word Of God to your life.

Your friend,