Just a snowflake...

In the upcoming months, there will be a lot of these little things around the Northeast, but I heard this evening that Louisiana had snowfall. I wonder when the last time that happened was? Well, I chose these pictures because there is something different about them; ordinary, but different. Ordinary in that they are just snowflakes after all and different because snowflakes are all different. And how beautiful! Think of it, EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT! All this beauty and each one an individual. If I were making snowflakes, there would possibly be 5000 or so styles (remember, I really like snowflakes) but God isn't satisfied with something that trivial. He makes billions upon billions of them and each one is a work of art. Reminds me of a passage from Genesis.

Genesis 1:31 WEB (R)
(31) God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. There was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.

Think of it, God doesn't even mention snow in chapter 1. Snow an afterthought! Untold billions of such beautiful things do not even get an honorable mention. Why should snow get top billing, mankind is the pinnacle of creation? And OH, yes, the stars in the heavens are not to bad to look at either. It would be interesting to find out what God considers beautiful, if something as wonderful as snow is treated as commonplace.