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During the course of the last four+ years, I probably have looked at 10,000 or more pictures on the net, but today I saw this little saying that I have been using for much more than a decade.  I started using it sometime in the 90's, but I am not sure of the exact year.  I suffered from what was wrongly diagnosed as Meniere's disease, but turned out to be a chiropractic problem.  I realized then that I need to thank God for ANY day I was alive, no matter how much I suffered.  That attitude continues to this day and is expressed in the 148th Psalm (which coincidentally was number 148 in our hymnbook).

Psalm 148

 1 Praise Yah!
Praise Yahweh from the heavens!
Praise him in the heights!

  2 Praise him, all his angels!
Praise him, all his army!

  3 Praise him, sun and moon!
Praise him, all you shining stars!

  4 Praise him, you heavens of heavens,
You waters that are above the heavens.

  5 Let them praise the name of Yahweh,
For he commanded, and they were created.

  6 He has also established them forever and ever.
He has made a decree which will not pass away.

  7 Praise Yahweh from the earth,
you great sea creatures, and all depths!

  8 Lightning and hail, snow and clouds;
stormy wind, fulfilling his word;

  9 mountains and all hills;
fruit trees and all cedars;

  10 wild animals and all livestock;
small creatures and flying birds;

  11 kings of the earth and all peoples;
princes and all judges of the earth;

  12 both young men and maidens;
old men and children:

  13 let them praise the name of Yahweh,
for his name alone is exalted.
His glory is above the earth and the heavens.

  14 He has lifted up the horn of his people,
the praise of all his saints;
even of the children of Israel, a people near to him.

Praise Yah!

Although most translations use Jehovah instead of the correct Yahweh, the music works for either one.  Today is a special day of thanksgiving as we found out that my wife IS GOING TO RECOVER FROM HER SURGERY AFTER ALL.  Thank God we caught the problem in time and acted immediately!!! Once again I am reminded how this little saying is always appropriate.... I just needed to be reminded!!!!  Smile, if you feel the same way!!!!


Oct. 17 Proverbs 24-26

Oct. 17
Proverbs 24-26

Pro 24:1 Don't be envious of evil men; neither desire to be with them:
Pro 24:2 for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about mischief.
Pro 24:3 Through wisdom a house is built; by understanding it is established;
Pro 24:4 by knowledge the rooms are filled with all rare and beautiful treasure.
Pro 24:5 A wise man has great power; and a knowledgeable man increases strength;
Pro 24:6 for by wise guidance you wage your war; and victory is in many advisors.
Pro 24:7 Wisdom is too high for a fool: he doesn't open his mouth in the gate.
Pro 24:8 One who plots to do evil will be called a schemer.
Pro 24:9 The schemes of folly are sin. The mocker is detested by men.
Pro 24:10 If you falter in the time of trouble, your strength is small.
Pro 24:11 Rescue those who are being led away to death! Indeed, hold back those who are staggering to the slaughter!
Pro 24:12 If you say, "Behold, we didn't know this;" doesn't he who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, doesn't he know it? Shall he not render to every man according to his work?
Pro 24:13 My son, eat honey, for it is good; the droppings of the honeycomb, which are sweet to your taste:
Pro 24:14 so you shall know wisdom to be to your soul; if you have found it, then there will be a reward, your hope will not be cut off.
Pro 24:15 Don't lay in wait, wicked man, against the habitation of the righteous. Don't destroy his resting place:
Pro 24:16 for a righteous man falls seven times, and rises up again; but the wicked are overthrown by calamity.
Pro 24:17 Don't rejoice when your enemy falls. Don't let your heart be glad when he is overthrown;
Pro 24:18 lest Yahweh see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.
Pro 24:19 Don't fret yourself because of evildoers; neither be envious of the wicked:
Pro 24:20 for there will be no reward to the evil man; and the lamp of the wicked shall be snuffed out.
Pro 24:21 My son, fear Yahweh and the king. Don't join those who are rebellious:
Pro 24:22 for their calamity will rise suddenly; the destruction from them both--who knows?
Pro 24:23 These also are sayings of the wise. To show partiality in judgment is not good.
Pro 24:24 He who says to the wicked, "You are righteous;" peoples shall curse him, and nations shall abhor him--
Pro 24:25 but it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and a rich blessing will come on them.
Pro 24:26 An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.
Pro 24:27 Prepare your work outside, and get your fields ready. Afterwards, build your house.
Pro 24:28 Don't be a witness against your neighbor without cause. Don't deceive with your lips.
Pro 24:29 Don't say, "I will do to him as he has done to me; I will render to the man according to his work."
Pro 24:30 I went by the field of the sluggard, by the vineyard of the man void of understanding;
Pro 24:31 Behold, it was all grown over with thorns. Its surface was covered with nettles, and its stone wall was broken down.
Pro 24:32 Then I saw, and considered well. I saw, and received instruction:
Pro 24:33 a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep;
Pro 24:34 so your poverty will come as a robber, and your want as an armed man.

Pro 25:1 These also are proverbs of Solomon, which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah copied out.
Pro 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
Pro 25:3 As the heavens for height, and the earth for depth, so the hearts of kings are unsearchable.
Pro 25:4 Take away the dross from the silver, and material comes out for the refiner;
Pro 25:5 Take away the wicked from the king's presence, and his throne will be established in righteousness.
Pro 25:6 Don't exalt yourself in the presence of the king, or claim a place among great men;
Pro 25:7 for it is better that it be said to you, "Come up here," than that you should be put lower in the presence of the prince, whom your eyes have seen.
Pro 25:8 Don't be hasty in bringing charges to court. What will you do in the end when your neighbor shames you?
Pro 25:9 Debate your case with your neighbor, and don't betray the confidence of another;
Pro 25:10 lest one who hears it put you to shame, and your bad reputation never depart.
Pro 25:11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.
Pro 25:12 As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover to an obedient ear.
Pro 25:13 As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to those who send him; for he refreshes the soul of his masters.
Pro 25:14 As clouds and wind without rain, so is he who boasts of gifts deceptively.
Pro 25:15 By patience a ruler is persuaded. A soft tongue breaks the bone.
Pro 25:16 Have you found honey? Eat as much as is sufficient for you, lest you eat too much, and vomit it.
Pro 25:17 Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor's house, lest he be weary of you, and hate you.
Pro 25:18 A man who gives false testimony against his neighbor is like a club, a sword, or a sharp arrow.
Pro 25:19 Confidence in someone unfaithful in time of trouble is like a bad tooth, or a lame foot.
Pro 25:20 As one who takes away a garment in cold weather, or vinegar on soda, so is one who sings songs to a heavy heart.
Pro 25:21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat. If he is thirsty, give him water to drink:
Pro 25:22 for you will heap coals of fire on his head, and Yahweh will reward you.
Pro 25:23 The north wind brings forth rain: so a backbiting tongue brings an angry face.
Pro 25:24 It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than to share a house with a contentious woman.
Pro 25:25 Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.
Pro 25:26 Like a muddied spring, and a polluted well, so is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.
Pro 25:27 It is not good to eat much honey; nor is it honorable to seek one's own honor.
Pro 25:28 Like a city that is broken down and without walls is a man whose spirit is without restraint.

Pro 26:1 Like snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool.
Pro 26:2 Like a fluttering sparrow, like a darting swallow, so the undeserved curse doesn't come to rest.
Pro 26:3 A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the back of fools!
Pro 26:4 Don't answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.
Pro 26:5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.
Pro 26:6 One who sends a message by the hand of a fool is cutting off feet and drinking violence.
Pro 26:7 Like the legs of the lame that hang loose: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.
Pro 26:8 As one who binds a stone in a sling, so is he who gives honor to a fool.
Pro 26:9 Like a thornbush that goes into the hand of a drunkard, so is a parable in the mouth of fools.
Pro 26:10 As an archer who wounds all, so is he who hires a fool or he who hires those who pass by.
Pro 26:11 As a dog that returns to his vomit, so is a fool who repeats his folly.
Pro 26:12 Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.
Pro 26:13 The sluggard says, "There is a lion in the road! A fierce lion roams the streets!"
Pro 26:14 As the door turns on its hinges, so does the sluggard on his bed.
Pro 26:15 The sluggard buries his hand in the dish. He is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.
Pro 26:16 The sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who answer with discretion.
Pro 26:17 Like one who grabs a dog's ears is one who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own.
Pro 26:18 Like a madman who shoots firebrands, arrows, and death,
Pro 26:19 is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, "Am I not joking?"
Pro 26:20 For lack of wood a fire goes out. Without gossip, a quarrel dies down.
Pro 26:21 As coals are to hot embers, and wood to fire, so is a contentious man to kindling strife.
Pro 26:22 The words of a whisperer are as dainty morsels, they go down into the innermost parts.
Pro 26:23 Like silver dross on an earthen vessel are the lips of a fervent one with an evil heart.
Pro 26:24 A malicious man disguises himself with his lips, but he harbors evil in his heart.
Pro 26:25 When his speech is charming, don't believe him; for there are seven abominations in his heart.
Pro 26:26 His malice may be concealed by deception, but his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.
Pro 26:27 Whoever digs a pit shall fall into it. Whoever rolls a stone, it will come back on him.
Pro 26:28 A lying tongue hates those it hurts; and a flattering mouth works ruin.

Oct. 17 Philippians 2

Oct. 17
Philippians 2

Php 2:1 If there is therefore any exhortation in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any tender mercies and compassion,
Php 2:2 make my joy full, by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind;
Php 2:3 doing nothing through rivalry or through conceit, but in humility, each counting others better than himself;
Php 2:4 each of you not just looking to his own things, but each of you also to the things of others.
Php 2:5 Have this in your mind, which was also in Christ Jesus,
Php 2:6 who, existing in the form of God, didn't consider equality with God a thing to be grasped,
Php 2:7 but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men.
Php 2:8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, yes, the death of the cross.
Php 2:9 Therefore God also highly exalted him, and gave to him the name which is above every name;
Php 2:10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, those on earth, and those under the earth,
Php 2:11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Php 2:12 So then, my beloved, even as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Php 2:13 For it is God who works in you both to will and to work, for his good pleasure.
Php 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputes,
Php 2:15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you are seen as lights in the world,
Php 2:16 holding up the word of life; that I may have something to boast in the day of Christ, that I didn't run in vain nor labor in vain.
Php 2:17 Yes, and if I am poured out on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I rejoice, and rejoice with you all.
Php 2:18 In the same way, you also rejoice, and rejoice with me.
Php 2:19 But I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, that I also may be cheered up when I know how you are doing.
Php 2:20 For I have no one else like-minded, who will truly care about you.
Php 2:21 For they all seek their own, not the things of Jesus Christ.
Php 2:22 But you know the proof of him, that, as a child serves a father, so he served with me in furtherance of the Good News.
Php 2:23 Therefore I hope to send him at once, as soon as I see how it will go with me.
Php 2:24 But I trust in the Lord that I myself also will come shortly.
Php 2:25 But I counted it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker, fellow soldier, and your apostle and servant of my need;
Php 2:26 since he longed for you all, and was very troubled, because you had heard that he was sick.
Php 2:27 For indeed he was sick, nearly to death, but God had mercy on him; and not on him only, but on me also, that I might not have sorrow on sorrow.
Php 2:28 I have sent him therefore the more diligently, that, when you see him again, you may rejoice, and that I may be the less sorrowful.
Php 2:29 Receive him therefore in the Lord with all joy, and hold such in honor,
Php 2:30 because for the work of Christ he came near to death, risking his life to supply that which was lacking in your service toward me.

1 Peter, Chapter 1, Mark Copeland

                      "THE FIRST EPISTLE OF PETER"

                              Chapter One


1) To consider terms used by Peter to describe the people of God:
   "Pilgrims of the Dispersion", "elect", "obedient children"

2) To reflect upon the salvation, inheritance, and grace to come at the
   revelation of Jesus Christ

3) To note how we have been served by prophets, apostles, angels, the
   Holy Spirit, and Christ

4) To be reminded of the need to live holy lives, conducted with
   reverence toward God and with fervent and sincere love toward


Peter begins his first epistle to Christians in Asia Minor by
acknowledging their election according to God's foreknowledge, made
possible by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, and for obedience and
sprinkling by the blood of Jesus (1-2).

He then praises God for their living hope, incorruptible inheritance,
and glorious salvation to be revealed at the coming of Christ.  Despite
grievous trials, the power of God and their genuine faith protects them
and gives them inexpressible joy.  Their salvation to come was foretold
by the prophets, and preached in the gospel by those inspired by the
Holy Spirit (3-12).

In view of this salvation, Peter prescribes conduct becoming the people
of God.  They are to focus their mind and hope on the grace that will
brought to them at the revelation of Jesus Christ.  As obedient
children, they should conduct themselves in holiness and fear, imitating
their holy Father who judges without partiality, ever mindful they have
been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ through whom their faith
and hope are in God.  They are to love one another fervently with pure
hearts, since they have purified their souls for that very purpose
through their obedience to the truth, and have been born again by the
incorruptible Word of God which lives and abides forever (13-25).



   A. THE AUTHOR (1a)
      1. Peter
      2. An apostle of Jesus Christ

   B. THE RECIPIENTS (1b-2b)
      1. Pilgrims of the Dispersion
      2. In Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia
      3. Elect (chosen)...
         a. According to the foreknowledge of God the Father
         b. In sanctification of the Spirit
         c. For obedience and sprinkling of blood of Jesus Christ

   C. GREETINGS (2c)
      1. Grace and peace
      2. Be multiplied


      1. Because of God's abundant mercy
      2. Because Jesus has been raised from the dead
      3. Because of our wonderful inheritance
         a. Incorruptible, undefiled, and that does not fade away
         b. Reserved in heaven
      4. Because of being safely kept
         a. By the power of God through faith
         b. For salvation ready to be revealed in the last time

      1. Great joy, though for a little while grieved by various trials
      2. The genuineness of faith tested by fire
         a. Proving more precious than gold that perishes
         b. May be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation
            of Jesus Christ
      3. Rejoicing with joy inexpressible and full of glory
         a. For loving Him whom you have not seen
         b. For believing Him whom you have not seen
      4. Receiving the end of such faith - the salvation of your souls

      1. Regarding our salvation the prophets inquired and searched
         a. Wondering what and when the Spirit of Christ in them was
         b. When He testified beforehand of the sufferings of Christ and
            the glories to follow
      2. They were ministering such things not to themselves, but to us
         a. Things now reported by those who preached the gospel by the
            Holy Spirit
         b. Things which angels desire to look into


   A. HOLY CONDUCT (13-21)
      1. Gird up the loins of your mind
         a. Be sober
         b. Rest your hope fully upon the grace to be brought at the
            revelation of Jesus Christ
      2. Be holy in all your conduct
         a. As obedient children
         b. Not conforming to former lusts done in ignorance
         c. As He who called you is holy, just as it is written
      3. Conduct yourselves during your stay in fear
         a. Since you call on the Father who judges each one without
         b. Knowing that you redeemed
            1) Not with corruptible things like silver and gold
            2) From your aimless conduct received by tradition from your
            3) With the precious blood of Christ
               a) As of a lamb without blemish and without spot
               b) Foreordained before the foundation of the world
               c) Manifest in these last times for you
               d) Through whom you believe in God
                  1] Who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory
                  2] So that your faith and hope are in God

      1. Since you have purified your souls
         a. In obeying the truth through the Spirit
         b. In sincere love of the brethren
      2. Having been born again, not of corruptible seed but
         a. Through the word of God which lives and abide forever
            1) All flesh is as grass, all the glory of man as the flower
               of the grass
            2) The grass withers, its flower falls away
            3) The word of the Lord endures forever
         b. The word which by the gospel was preached to you


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Introduction (1-2)
   - Our salvation in Christ (3-12)
   - Our duty in Christ (13-25)

2) To whom does Peter address this epistle? Where were they located? (1)
   - To the pilgrims of the Dispersion; Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia,
     Asia, Bithynia

3) What three things are said concerning their election? (2)
   - According to the foreknowledge of God
   - In sanctification of the Spirit
   - For obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ

4) What has God done for us according to His abundant mercy?  How was
   this done? (3)
   - Begotten us against to a living hope
   - Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead

5) What kind of inheritance does the Christian have?  Where is it now?
   - Incorruptible, undefiled, and that does not fade away; reserved in

6) How are Christians kept (guarded) for their salvation? (5)
   - By the power of God
   - Through faith

7) In what do Christians greatly rejoice? (5-6)
   - Their salvation ready to be revealed in the last time

8) What benefits can come out of enduring grievous trials? (6-7)
   - The testing of genuine faith
   - Praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ

9) Though they had not seen Jesus, what is said about Peter's readers?
   - They loved Jesus
   - They believed Jesus
   - They rejoiced with joy inexpressible and full of glory

10) What would they receive as the end of their faith? (9)
   - The salvation of their souls

11) What did the prophets of old testify about? (10-11)
   - Of the salvation and grace that would come
   - Of the sufferings of Christ and the glories to follow

12) When these prophets wondered about they were prophesying, what were
    they told? (12)
   - They were not serving themselves, but us (Christians)
   - They were ministering things that have now been reported by those
     who preached the gospel

13) Upon what are Christians to rest their hope? (13)
   - The grace to be brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ

14) As obedient children, what three admonitions are given to
    Christians? ( 14-17)
   - Do not conform to the former lusts
   - Be holy in all your conduct
   - Conduct yourselves during your sojourn in fear

15) What three reasons are given to obey these admonitions (14-19)
   - God is holy
   - The Father judges each one's work without partiality
   - We were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ

16) What four things are said about Christ? (20-21)
   - He was foreordained before the foundation of the world
   - He was manifest in these last times for us
   - He was raised from the dead and given glory
   - Through Him we believe and have hope in God

17) What did God do to Jesus so that our faith and hope are in God? (21)
   - Raised Him from the dead (resurrection) and gave Him glory

18) What two reasons are given for us to love one another fervently with
    a pure heart? (22-23)
   - We have purified our souls in obeying the truth
   - We have been born again of the Word of God

19) What is said of the Word of God? (23-25)
   - Incorruptible seed
   - Lives and abides forever
   - Endures forever
   - By the gospel was preached to them

20) What is said about flesh and the glory of man? (24)
   - Flesh is as grass which withers; the glory of man as the flower
     which falls away