If this picture is manipulated, somebody really knows what they are doing because the shadows on the water look real to me. And its the shadows that make the picture because they are GOLD. If this picture is unaltered, the gold must be a reflection of a golden sunset. Gold has always fascinated me, not just because of its color, but due to the way it reflects light. Ask most people and they will tell you they like gold because of its beauty and ITS WORTH! However, gold is NOT the most important thing in life, because life itself is. Read on for more...

1 Peter 1:15-19 (WEB)
15) but just as he who called you is holy, you yourselves also be holy in all of your behavior;
16) because it is written, “You shall be holy; for I am holy.”
17) If you call on him as Father, who without respect of persons judges according to each man’s work, pass the time of your living as foreigners here in reverent fear:
18) knowing that you were redeemed, not with corruptible things, with silver or gold, from the useless way of life handed down from your fathers,
19) but with precious blood, as of a faultless and pure lamb, the blood of Christ;
(1 Peter 1:15-19, WEB)

We measure value in terms of longevity, for gold is worth more than straw and diamonds worth much more than lawnmower shavings. So, if this life is valuable, how much more will the life that is everlasting be worth? To obtain that which is eternal, a better, more valuable sacrifice is needed and The Christ of God has paid the bill for everyone. Every time I think of that, I feel like the richest man on Earth and a wave of joy overflows in my being. You know... I feel golden!!!