Change for good

If "I'll be back" sounds familiar to you, then this image probably will as well. The Terminator movies were heavy on graphics, but their concept of time intrigues me. When I was young, the summers seem to drag on interminably and now past the age of 60, the days seem to fly by. Has time changed? No, I have. Yet, this much is certain, life continues to go on, regardless of my perception of its passage. Perhaps my perception is altered by what I focus on. Here is a passage from the book of James that I find quite interesting.

James 4:13-15 (WEB)
13) Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow let’s go into this city, and spend a year there, trade, and make a profit.”
14) Whereas you don’t know what your life will be like tomorrow. For what is your life? For you are a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away.
15) For you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will both live, and do this or that.”
(James 4:13-15, WEB)

If I focus on the externals about me; things I do, people and the world around me, then change is more visible because the things around me are also changing, just as I am changing. Its hard to get a "fix" on living because of all this motion. Yet, if I think of my life in respect to the companionship that the God of heaven supplies, then things ARE different, because God does not change because of his perfection. There is no need to go back in time to change things, because for the Christian "all things work together for good...". Change that is truly important occurs on the inside, not on the outside. It doesn't really matter what time it is, except, of course, its time for God to work in our lives.