From Jim McGuiggan... Media Hypocrisy

Media Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the media hardly knows bounds. AOL goes on and on about parental control and protection of the minds of children from sexual predators and yet when we open the welcome page they have raunchy headlines and pictures of and about football “babes”. There for kids to check out are scantily dressed women tugging at the precious little clothing they have on so that they can show more flesh while looking at the viewer with looks full of sexual suggestion . Children already caught up in a sex-obsessed culture are offered more by AOL. They’re so concerned about the children. Yeah right! It isn’t really the showing of the pictures that guts me (you come to expect that muck, don’t you?) it’s the oily hypocrisy of the company that turns my stomach.

Then there’s The Sun, a UK daily newspaper that attacked the former wife of Paul McCartney. It told of topless photos she had made and called them “obscene” and “pornographic”. Topless photos are a steady diet dished out by The Sun. Again, you expect nothing better from these sheets—it’s the moral outrage they show, it’s the way they present themselves as the defenders of public decency, that’s what makes you want to throw up.

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