"THE EPISTLE OF JUDE" Chapter One by Mark Copeland

                         "THE EPISTLE OF JUDE"

                              Chapter One

Following his salutation (1-2), Jude explains the purpose for writing
(3-4).  He reminds his readers of God’s judgments in the past (5-7),
then describes the character and ultimate doom of false teachers (8-19).
Exhorting them to build up their most holy faith (20-23), he concludes
with praise to God (24-25).


   The faith revealed once for all (literally, one time for all time)

   *  The character of false teachers

   *  How to build up our most holy faith


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - Greetings - Jude 1:1-2
   - Purpose for writing - Jude 1:3-4
   - God’s judgments in time past - Jude 1:5-7
   - Character and doom of false teachers - Jude 1:8-19
   - Exhortations to build their faith - Jude 1:20-23
   - Concluding doxology - Jude 1:24-25

2) How does Jude describe the recipients of his epistle? (1)
   - Called, sanctified, preserved

3) What did Jude find necessary to exhort his readers? Why? (3-4)
   - To contend earnestly for the faith delivered once for all to the
   - Some were turning God’s grace into lewdness, denying God and Jesus

4) List both biblical and extra-biblical examples given by Jude.
   - Israelites, angels who sinned, Sodom and Gomorrah, Cain, Balaam,
   - Michael contending with the devil, Enoch and his prophesy

5) List the qualities of the false teachers are condemned in this
   epistle. (8-19)
   - Defile the flesh, reject authority, speak evil of dignitaries
   - Speak evil of what they do not know, corrupt themselves in what
     they know naturally
   - Serve only themselves, grumblers, complainers, sensual, devoid of
     the Spirit

6) What counsel does Jude give to build oneself up in the faith? (20-21)
   - Remain in the love of God, pray in the Holy Spirit, look for mercy
     unto eternal life
   - With compassion and fear try to save others

7) In his doxology, what does Jude say God is able to do? (24)
   - Keep us from stumbling, present us faultless before His glory with
     exceeding joy