"THE BOOK OF ACTS" The Second Gospel Sermon (3:1-26) by Mark Copeland

                          "THE BOOK OF ACTS"

                   The Second Gospel Sermon (3:1-26)


1. In "The First Gospel Sermon", we learned the apostle Peter...
   a. Proclaimed the death, burial, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus Christ - Ac 2:22-35
   b. Called for a response of faith, repentance, and baptism for remission of sins - Ac 2:36-41 

2. We will now consider "The Second Gospel Sermon", also preached by Peter...
   a. Found in chapter three of the book of Acts
   b. Which took place at Solomon's porch in the temple

[Let's begin by reviewing the circumstances that provided the opportunity for the sermon...]


      1. Christians had been gathering daily in the temple - Ac 2:46
      2. Peter and John arrived at the "hour of prayer, the ninth hour" (3 p.m.) - Ac 3:1

      1. Who was left daily at the gate of the temple called "Beautiful" - Ac 3:2-3
         a. Perhaps the Nicanor Gate made of Corinthian bronze
         b. At the East entrance to the Court of Women
         c. To ask alms from the people entering the temple, who asked Peter and John for alms
      2. Peter healed him in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth - Ac 3:4-8
         a. The lame man expected alms, but Peter gave him something better silver and gold!
         b. Peter took him by the hand and lifted him up
         c. His feet and ankles received strength, the miracle was immediate and total!

      1. Drawn by the scene of the man walking, praising God - Ac 3:9-10
         a. Who was walking, praising God
         b. The people were amazed, wondering, for they knew he had been lame from birth
      2. They gathered in the porch called "Solomon's" - Ac 3:11
         a. A colonnaded area along the eastern wall of the temple area - ESVSB
         b. With double columns 38 feet tall, spanning 49 feet, supporting cedar ceilings - AYBD

[Note the similarity to the events in Acts 2:  a miraculous event
occurred, it attracted the attention of the people.  As before, Peter
used the opportunity to preach the gospel...]


      1. The miracle was not by the power or godliness of Peter and John - Ac 3:12
      2. It was through faith in God's Servant, Jesus - Ac 3:13-16
         a. Whom the God of their fathers had glorified!
         b. Whom they had delivered up and denied in the presence of Pilate!
         c. Whom they denied, asking for a murderer to be released in his stead!
         d. Whom they killed, but God raised from the dead and seen by eyewitnesses!
         e. Whom Peter describes as the Holy One, the Just, the Prince of Life!
      3. Through faith in His name the lame man was healed - Ac 3:16
         a. Note well: it was Peter and John's faith in Jesus, not the lame man's faith
         b. For the lame man had not expected a miracle, but silver or gold - cf. Ac 3:4-7

      1. Peter acknowledges that they and their rulers acted in ignorance - Ac 3:17
      2. What occurred was foretold and fulfilled by God - Ac 3:18; cf. Ac 2:23
      3. Yet ignorance was no excuse, so they must "repent and be converted" - Ac 3:19
         a. Repent - change their minds their minds regarding Jesus and their sinful ways
         b  Be converted - turn back to God, which may imply baptism  - cf. Ac 2:38; 1Pe 3:21
      4. Reasons to repent and turn to God are given - Ac 3:19-26
         a. That their sins may be blotted out (remitted) - cf. Ac 2:38; 22:16
         b. That times of refreshing may come from the presence of the
            Lord (possibly referring to the gift of the Spirit)- cf. Ac 2:38; Jn 7:37-39; Ga 4:6; 5:22-23
         c. That God may send Jesus Christ (a reference to His second coming) - cf. 2Pe 3:12
            1) Who was preached to them before (via the prophets)
            2) Whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration
               of all things (of which the prophets had also spoken)
         d. Lest they be utterly destroyed
            1) For Moses spoke of this Prophet (Jesus) - cf. Deu 18:15
            2) Those who will not Him, God will require it of them - cf. Deu 18:18-19
         e. They were sons of the prophets, and of the covenant God made with their fathers
            1) A covenant made with Abraham, to bless the world in his seed - Gen 12:3; 22:18
            2) A promise fulfilled by God through His Servant Jesus, Whom He raised
               a) Who was sent by God to bless them
               b) To bless them by turning them away from their sins


1. The response to "The Second Gospel Sermon" proved two-fold...
      a. A negative response by the religious leaders - Ac 4:1-3
      b. A positive response by many who heard (2000 believed) - Ac 4:4

2. Again we see that gospel preaching involved... 
   a. Proclaiming the death, burial, resurrection and lordship of Jesus Christ
   b. Calling on people to respond with repentance (with faith and baptism implied)
   c. Offering the remission of sins and refreshing gift of the Spirit

3. We also learn that it included proclaiming...
   a. The character of Jesus (Servant, Holy, Just, Prince of life, Christ, Prophet)
   b. The return of Jesus (i.e., His second coming)

How have you responded to the gospel preaching?  In faithful obedience,
or have you been hardening your heart by refusing to obey God's Prophet
and His apostles in faith, repentance and baptism...?
Executable Outlines, Copyright © Mark A. Copeland, 2012