Big Brother

Remind you of anything? How about the book by George Orwell (1984) or perhaps the movie? Nobody likes the thought of government watching your every move. Why, because that just gives someone, somewhere, a little too much power! But what about God, doesn't he watch over us? I have always loved this passage from the Psalms and I hope you do as well.

Psalms 139:1-12 Complete Apostles' Bible
(1) For the end, A Psalm of David. O Lord, You have proved me, and known me.
(2) You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thoughts long before.
(3) You have traced my path and my bed, and have foreseen all my ways.
(4) For there is no unrighteous word on my tongue: behold, O Lord, You have known all things,
(5) the last and the first: You have fashioned me, and laid Your hand upon me.
(6) The knowledge of You is too wonderful for me; it is very difficult, I cannot attain to it.
(7) Where shall I go from Your Spirit? And to where shall I flee from Your presence?
(8) If I should go up to heaven, You are there: if I should go down to hell, You are present.
(9) If I should spread my wings to fly straight forward, and sojourn at the extremity of the sea, it would be vain,
(10) for even there Your hand would guide me, and Your right hand would hold me.
(11) When I said, Surely the darkness will cover me; even the night was light in my luxury.
(12) For darkness will not be darkness with You; but night will be light as day. As its darkness, so shall its light be to You.

There is a big difference between an anonymous "big brother" and God. First, when "Big Brother" is watching you, you have to ask yourself WHY? Does the government want to do something to me because it has an agenda? Will I be treated fairly? If I had the time, I could probably come up with an endless list of questions, because the unknown does tend to make one paranoid. But, what about God, doesn't he watch us all the time and how is HE any different than "Big Brother"? The answer is that God is different from "Big Brother" in that God made you and cares for you and has told you all about HIMSELF in the Bible. Need more proof, well, think for a moment about three crosses on a hill in Jerusalem and then the difference is obvious. God's message to us is not found in electronic messages on a board, but in the sacrifice of our true "Big Brother" Jesus and that good news was written in his own blood.