I have a dream

This picture is of the peace rally of 1963 where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. I was listening to one of my favorite podcast called "The Word Nerds" on my way to work today and I heard an excerpt from this speech and recalled how powerful it was then and still is. Many of the World War II generation that I grew up alongside were very racially biased and I still recall the hatred in their responses at the mere mention of Dr. King's name. But those were different times and I am happy to see that some (and perhaps more than some) of the injustices that Black's endured have been made right. Who would have ever thought in 1963 that we would ever have a black president? Injustice in America is not dead, however, on the contrary, it is alive and well. Today, we have a new race of "slaves" and the ones that I see are mostly illegal aliens from Mexico. The big corporations use their political clout and somehow immigration laws are never really enforced. Why? Because illegals can't complain, they really have no rights and thanks to the current welfare laws are subsidized. So, the corporations win and the illegals win and the rest of America pays for everything!!! What is wrong with this is that they are stealing from America. Consider just one verse from the Old Testament.
Deuteronomy 5:19 Complete Apostles' Bible
(19) You shall not steal.
This situation is allowing corporate America to create another slave segment in our society. Everyone in America should be under the same laws and those laws should be enforced uniformly. If someone entered this country outside the law-- let them go home. "I have a dream" is not over and it will not be achieved until everyone in this country is free and slavery in all its forms are dead! Don't agree with me on this, well, that is your right! Consider, however, what happened to the native Americans over the past hundred or so years in this country and then tell me I am wrong! I wonder, how we can make that one right???