That second prayer...

I saw these TWO pictures today and I went into retro mode.  The year was 1981 and I was living in Gloversville, N.Y..  I was a preacher between churches, very discouraged and working at whatever menial work I could find within an area of New York that had a 30% unemployment rate.  I finally found work as a janitor and that is when I met Morris.  He was in his very late fifties (or early sixties) and one of the saddest sacks I have ever met.  But, occasionally, he would open his wallet, look at something and smile.  You guessed it, it was the serenity prayer.  He gave me one sometime later and I kept it with me for many years.  Something happened today that upset me greatly and I was feeling bad; very bad!!!  Then, as I was looking though my collection of pictures, I came across the purple one above.  For me, situations that involve "things" usually present no problem.  It is when they involve others that sometimes I lose it.  I remembered one of my favorite passages from the Scriptures and it helped; it really helped!!!

Philippians, Chapter 4
13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

God will help me through anything; even those situations that seem insurmountable!!!!  In reality, if I have a problem, I need to remember that God loves me and will help.  I just need to realize the problem ultimately comes back to me and MY SHORTCOMINGS.  Thank you, God, for helping me once again.  I hope these two pictures and the passage from Philippians help you as well!!!  If they don't... think about it... it will come to you... I PROMISE!!!