Find your quiet place by Terry Sturtevant

Find your quiet place


Terry Sturtevant

Isaiah, Chapter 26
 2 Open the gates, that the righteous nation may enter:
the one which keeps faith.
  3 You will keep whoever’s mind is steadfast in perfect peace,
because he trusts in you.
  4 Trust in Yahweh forever;
for in Yah, Yahweh, is an everlasting Rock.

The world is a busy and often noisy place. Jet planes, loud traffic, noisy restaurants and watching the local news all can contribute to an overworked mind.

I have a quiet place. I'm not going to share with you it's secret location because when I am there it is peaceful. Many would guess it is our cottage on the lake. It is wonderful and soothing for the soul. But it is only available to us  for about five months and then only on weekends. It is good for body, mind and soul. It however, is not my quiet place.

In my quiet place I have room to move about, exercise if I want and work. I can play music if I like. Any type of music I like. I also have a computer and a television. Yet I don't use them a lot when its my quiet time. It's a place to read, relax, listen and think.

I like to pray there as well. I think it's the quiet atmosphere that fills me with joy. Not that I want to be a hermit. Rather, I wish to feel alone next to God. No interruptions. It works for me.

I know of friends who find that in nature. They hike, fish, cross country ski, go for long long walks and some even run for miles at a time.

You might find your place at night in your bed. It might be alone in a large farm field. Make a space in your attic or a spare room. I know a man who finds comfort in a rocking chair on his front porch. He thinks and prays and never forgets to wave to the drivers as they drive past his home. It really is where ever you find comfort and joy.

My quiet place releases stress and quiets the mind. It lifts the spirit and clarifies my thinking. It's a satisfying feeling of feeding the soul.

Sing if you like or read the Word of God and pray.

Go there as often as you need solace.

I encourage you to visit a quiet place often.

Terry Sturtevant