Going to the dogs...

We all make decisions as to how we are to live our lives: School, Work, Marriage and Religion are but a few of the choices we eventually make.  This little cartoon caught my attention today because of its subtle humor and the unfortunate truth behind it.  Isn't it interesting that a CAT would talk to a DOG about such things?  On second thought, maybe that really is not strange at all.  Sometimes those around us are just too close; frankly, they just have too much "baggage", too much "history" with us to give objective comments to our inner questionings.  Anyway, CAT seems to have rejected his parents beliefs, but is still searching for his own.  Sound familiar?  I grew up with wooden toys and my girls with video games - and now their children have graphic-intensive multi-player online war games.  So, its natural for one generation to have a problem relating to the previous.  But, there is HOPE!!!  Found (as usual) in the Scriptures and worth memorizing...

Proverbs, Chapter 22

 6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Most of the people I have known in my life want the best for their children and try to manipulate the delicate balancing act of work, marriage and child-rearing to the best of their ability.  I remember many, many days of reading the Scriptures to my own daughters and hopefully this training will someday bear fruit.  Until that day, I will just have to rely upon the truth of verse six above and trust in God.  I just hope in the meantime, my children don't go to the dogs looking for answers!!!