From Mark Copeland... Sharing And Doing Good (Galatians 6:6,10)

                     "THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANS"

                   Sharing And Doing Good (Ga 6:6,10)


1. You will recall that the fruit of the Spirit (Ga 5:22-23) includes...
   a. Love and kindness
   b. Goodness and gentleness

2. We saw in our previous study (Ga 6:1-5) that such graces enable us
   a. Restore those overtaken in a fault
   b. Doing so with a spirit of gentleness
   c. Thus bearing one another's burdens, fulfilling the law of Christ

[Bearing the burdens of others extends beyond meeting their spiritual
needs.  As we continue in Galatians 6, we find that it also includes
addressing physical needs.  In verse 6, Paul enjoins us to...]


      1. This is the most common understanding of this passage
      2. Those who teach and preach may be supported for their work
         a. As taught by Jesus - Lk 10:7
         b. As explained by Paul - 1Co 9:3-11,14; 1Ti 5:17-18
         c. As practiced by various churches - 2Co 11:8-9
         d. As commended by John - 3Jn 5-8
      3. We should not hesitate to support those worthy
         a. Those near and far, as the Philippians did for Paul - Php 4:
         b. Both now and in the future, as the Philippians did for Paul
            - Php 1:3-5; 4:14,18
      -- Whether as individuals or as a congregation, we can support
         those who teach

      1. This is another understanding of this passage
      2. Those who preach share spiritual blessings
         a. Just as those from Jerusalem shared spiritual things with
            the Gentiles - Ro 15:26-27
         b. Just as Paul share spiritual blessings with the Corinthians
            - 1Co 9:11
      3. We should make sure that we share in those blessings
         a. By full participation in the gospel of Christ - e.g., 1Co 15:1-2
         b. By application of its truths and principles to our lives
            - e.g., Jm 1:21; 1Pe 2:1-3
      -- Certainly we should share fully in the blessings of the Word
         that is taught us

[It matters little whether Paul meant supporting preachers or
participating in what they taught.  Both are true, and worthy of our
consideration.  Saving verses 7-9 for a later study, let's go on to
verse 10...]


   A. TO ALL MEN...
      1. We have a duty to do good to all
         a. To those in need - cf. 1 Tim 6:17-18
         b. Even our enemies - cf. Lk 6:27-35
      2. As we have the opportunity
         a. Opportunity is determined by circumstance and ability
         b. The opportunity may be unforeseen - e.g., the good
            Samaritan, Lk 10:33
         c. The opportunity may be sought out - cf. 1Th 5:15; Tit 3:8;
            He 13:16
      3. Today we have many opportunities
         a. In our neighborhood, and around the world
         b. Made much easier through the Internet (e.g., Network For
            Good, AlertNet)
         c. There are many charities through which we can do much good
      -- Are we being careful to maintain good works, or have we been

      1. We have a special duty to our brethren in Christ ("the
         household of faith")
         a. For they are our true family - cf. Mt 12:46-50
         b. Kindness to them is kindness to Christ - cf. Mt 25:34-40
         c. Loving them is indicative of true conversion - cf. 1Jn 3:
      2. As we have the opportunity
         a. Again, opportunity is determined by circumstance and ability
         b. We are given the opportunity weekly, based on ability - cf.
            1Co 16:1-2; 2Co 9:7
         c. Which prepares us for future opportunities as they arise
            - cf. 2Co 9:5; Ro 15:25-26
      3. Today we have many opportunities
         a. To support preachers of the gospel, local and foreign
         b. To help needy Christians, local and foreign
         c. The local church is designed to help brethren in need, with
            some limitation - 1Ti 5:16
      -- Are we being careful to remember the poor, especially our
         brethren in Christ?


1. Certainly there is more to doing good than meeting physical needs...
   a. The needs of the spirit should also be met
   b. Which is where the gospel of Christ excels
   c. Which is the primary work of the church - to seek and save the

2. Yet Christians who are materially blessed can easily be forgetful...
   a. Especially when we live in a country with material abundance
   b. Which is why Paul wrote Timothy to charge those who are rich, to
      be rich in good works - 1Ti 6:16-18
   c. And note that doing good is one way that we sow to the Spirit, and
      lay up treasure in heaven! - 1Ti 6:19; cf. Ga 6:7-9; Lk 12:33;

As we therefore have the opportunity, let us be diligent to share and do
good to all...!

Executable Outlines, Copyright © Mark A. Copeland, 2011