From Jim McGuiggan... Hobbits


Yes, you must have heard. Only about a year ago excited anthropologists that worship at the shrine of Evolution (I mean the transmutation of species and not just "change") found the skeleton of a small humanoid type being. They called them "Hobbits".

Imagine their joy! Imagine also their eagerness to add new wrinkles to the story of our evolution from inorganic material to evolutionary anthropologists (and other things—like HIV=AIDS advocates). So thrilled were they that they were sure they’d have to reconstruct the chain of descent. Fancy that!

Their experts even drew a picture of what the "hobbit" must have looked like. Well, you know how wise and skilled these people are. They can look at a rib, an eyebrow ridge and an ankle bone and draw a picture as if they were drawing from full life. In any case, the drawing was something like a small ape-man walking upright with a club over his left shoulder (now there’s a surprise!). Don’t you love a great story? I suppose they found the club next to the left-handed skeleton.

Well, the rest of the story is reported in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail (7th May, 2005 and mentioned in The Christian Worker for June 2005 which is where I read it—pictures included). It seems that they’ve since come across a community of "hobbits". All very human, all looking very human, all decked out in modern clothes and not a left handed club-carrier among them. (Wouldn't you think they would have checked out if there were any people living in this remote area before getting their amazing find in the news? Helloooooo?)

I suppose these poor marvellous little humans will now have a group of WHO medical people descending on them checking them out for an alleged HIV virus that allegedly produces AIDS (whatever that is now said to be). They did that to the pygmies last year, remember?
Oh well!
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