From Mark Copeland... Private Teaching And Its Benefits (Mark 4:33-34)

                          "THE GOSPEL OF MARK"

              Private Teaching And Its Benefits (4:33-34)


1. Jesus was truly the Master Teacher...
   a. He preached often in the synagogues - Mk 1:39
   b. He taught large crowds by the sea shore - Mk 2:13; 4:1-2

2. He also taught in private...
   a. Especially regarding the parables, first told in public - Mk 4:33
   b. Which He later explained to His disciples - Mk 4:34

[The disciples of Jesus were blessed to have private instruction.  While
listening to the Word of God in a public setting is of great value, have
you considered the benefits of private teaching...?]


      1. Simply put, it is teaching in a private setting (home, office,
         park bench)
      2. Just the teacher and the learner, or at the most a small group
         of learners
      3. Where the teaching is informal, usually a dialogue rather than
         a lecture
      -- Private teaching involves a more intimate, personal environment
         for learning

      1. Jesus and His disciples in our text - Mk 4:33-34
      2. Jesus and Nicodemus - Jn 3:1-3
      3. Jesus and the Samaritan woman - Jn 4:5-26
      4. Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch - Ac 8:26-40
      5. Peter and the household of Cornelius - Ac 10:24,33
      6. Aquila and Priscilla working with Apollos - Ac 18:24-26
      7. Paul as he taught in homes, including his own - Ac 20:20;
      -- The Bible is filled with examples of private teaching

[Jesus and His followers made much use of private teaching in addition
to public instruction.  To appreciate why, consider the answer to the


      1. Public teaching is at best a "shotgun" approach
         a. An audience has many people with different needs, levels of
         b. No one subject or lesson meets the interests of every person
      2. Private teaching can address an individual's needs or interests
         a. The need might be basic ("What must I do to be saved?")
         b. The interest might be academic ("I ask you, of whom does the
            prophet say this...?)
         c. The desire might be to grow in understanding ("Explain this
            parable to us.")
         d. The student might want to act immediately ("What hinders me
            from being baptized?")
      -- Public instruction cannot provide such individual attention

      1. Public teaching does not lend itself to asking questions
         a. Some venues traditionally frown on asking questions (e.g.,
            during a sermon)
         b. Shy people are often are too intimidated to ask questions in
         c. Personal questions are not always suitable for public
      2. Private teaching is well suited for questions
         a. Related to one's interests or spiritual level
         b. Without fear of ridicule or interruption
      -- Private teaching allows for inquiry and follow-up questions

      1. Successful people have their mentors and advisors
         a. Olympic athletes have personal coaches
         b. Serious fitness buffs have personal trainers
      2. The disciples benefited by their time with Jesus - cf. Ac 4:13
      3. Personal spiritual training is part of God's plan - cf. 2Ti 2:2
         a. Don't think you need a personal teacher?
         b. Then you need to be a teacher! - cf. He 5:12
      -- Private teaching provides opportunity for accelerated and
         advanced learning


1. Willingness to listen to public preaching and teaching is
   a. Do you listen to sermons in worship?  Good!
   b. Do you attend and participate in Bible classes at church?  Great!

2. But if you want to really get serious about your salvation and
   spiritual growth...
   a. Find a personal "spiritual fitness" trainer
   b. Attend a home Bible study, or start one in your home

After the two disciples walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, they
said to one another:

   "Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the
   road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?" - Lk 24:32

Their experience (hearts excited by learning) is often shared today by
many people who are willing to go beyond just attending church, to
become involved in the private teaching of the Word of God.

If you would like to experience the benefits of private teaching, please
let us know...

Executable Outlines, Copyright © Mark A. Copeland, 2011