The Bible is not to Change or Possess, but Obey


The bible is not for us to change or possess, it is for us to learn and obey. The bible is the sole property of God Almighty, and He reserves all rights to it. We can’t add to it, take from it, or have any private interpretation of it. We may possess a copy of it, read it, learn it, and obey it, but eventually the One who owns it, will judge us all by it. The Holy Bible, God’s Word to live by.
Deut 4:2; 5:32; 12:32; 28:14; Prov 30:6; Rev 22:18,19; 2 Pet 1:20; 1 Tim 4:13; Mt 11:29; 2 Tim 2:15; Jn 12:48